My 5 Favourite Actor’s

– Robin Williams –


 An inspiration & favourite actor to many. But why is he my favorite? I grew up watching his film’s. From Mrs. Doubtfire, where he wanted to do the best for his 3 kids, 2 girls & 1 boy. Which I always related to my father and his situation as I grew up, my dad always wanted the best for us too. To Matilda, Captain Hook, Jack, and Jumanji, my other childhood favorites, all including Robin Williams. He always reminded me of my dad. When I found out he passed I automatically saddened, like many of his fans, & then when I heard how? My heart dropped a bit. I hope he is at peace now, a very talented & inspirational man man. 

– Robert DeNiro –


 Robert De Niro is one of the greatest American Actors of all time and is one of my favorites as I think he can portray any character he is given and although he plays a lot of violent characters? He never falls into the same genre of films, although he has been in many gangster films we always see him as someone else from one movie to the next. My favorite film’s of his are Meet The Parents : Fockers : Little Fockers, Goodfellas, The Family, Stardust & Silver Linings Playbook.

 – Adam Sandler –

220px-Adam_Sandler_2011_(Cropped)One of my favorite actors in comedy film’s. I do believe his earlier films such as “The Waterboy, Billy Madison & Big Daddy” was some of his best work. Although “That’s My Boy” was released in 2012 & is one of my favorite films by him. “Nugget Pocket” He also seems to be a very genuine funny easy going guy from the interviews I have watched of him. He made me laugh as I was growing up and left me with some unforgettable quotes : ‘So that’s what opening up a can of whoop-ass feels like’ ‘Let’s kick some names and take some ass’ ‘Kangarooooo song’.

 – Will Smith –


Ah The Fresh Prince himself! In West Philadelphia born & raised… Will Smith is someone who oozes confidence and positivity. When he was in ‘Seven Pounds’ I truly felt pity & love for his character, that film made me feel so many emotions that by the end of it? I felt a bit numb, yet happy for him, proud of him and so sad all at the same time. I was speechless. His portrayal in that film and The Pursuit of Happiness made me think about those films for days after and I believe that is due to the amazing performances of his. Due to his natural flair of acting I also love when he portrays a confident cool funny guy like in “Bad Boys” “Hitch” and “Hancock”.

 – Denzel Washington –

Denzel_WashingtonFrom “The Equalizer” to “Man On Fire” and “Inside Man” it’s clear to see that Denzel Washington can act as a bad ass mother chucker with a gun who get’s revenge as easy as an Irish Mammy can offer a cup of tea. His talent is beyond impressive and he is fantastic at portraying determination and loyalty, be it half the time in a twisted manner, such as American Gangster. He began his acting career in his early 20’s which is why he is a big inspiration to me. He proves it’s never too late to start. 

Some of my other favorite actor’s includeKevin James, Leonardo DeCaprio, Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling , Kevin Hart, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Affleck.


(all photo’s fromWikipedia )


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