What Am I Feeling?

Lately, I feel many things.

I find it hard to distinguish feelings at the moment. If one was to ask me ‘how are you?‘ && I really thought about my answer? Rather than many of our usual responses of ‘grand thanks and you?” I assume I would have a reply such as : 

“Well I’m happy, anxious, contempt, distracted, confident, fearful, nervous, thankful, relaxed, inspired, upset, stressed, and pre-occupied, and totally feel like my head is going to implode someday thanks, how about you?”

Recently I have learned that I actually sometimes don’t even know how to recognize what feeling it is I feel, as I am over whelmed by many. Any one else feel that way?

I do know what to do to help myself when I feel a certain emotion, which I am glad of, it’s just sometimes I feel to many at the one time. 

Right now? I don’t know who I am, where I want to go, who I want to be. I literally have no idea what so ever to be honest, but the main thing I do want to be is : H A P P Y !

Life can change drastically from one day to another, that is something I have learned in my life and it has stopped me from aspiring to be many things. Why? I am fearful.

When I feel like when everything is going good? In the back of my mind I think : Something is bound to pop up & ruin this. And behold, it always does! I know why, its because I am subconsciously thinking about something bad happening and boom. But don’t worry.

That, is going to “Stop, Right now” (insert the rest of the Spice Girls choon here)



2 thoughts on “What Am I Feeling?

  1. Honestly, I am nonplussed when people tell me they can’t distinguish their feelings. I’ve always had an intuitive understanding of emotions; that’s not to say that I cannot empathize with the state of being overwhelmed by them — because I can, my own feelings as well as those of others. It’s so refreshing to read your personal insights on this topic. I wonder if, like me, you would consider yourself optimistically pessimistic in light of your last point. Thank you for being so honest and real. You’re amazing.

    1. Thank you very much! I know what feelings I feel, just as you say sometimes am overwhelmed by too many all at once.
      Hmmm I’m hoping im not being optimistically pessimistic heh I like to hope & practice staying optimistic as often as possible!
      Thank you very much for the comment! 🙂

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