My 5 Favourite Albums

Below is  a list of “My 5 Favourite – Albums”. The reason behind all choices? They are related to memories. I remember a lot of things in life by linking them to a certain time a song/album came out.

I relive my memories through listening to music.

– Luke Kelly | The Definitive Collection –

download (1)My dad’s favourite musician was Luke Kelly. I believe it was due to the lovely comforting tone in his voice. All I can remember from my day’s with my dad of going on drive’s, going to handball competition’s, driving to Dublin, him painting the house, is a soundtrack of Luke Kelly behind them all. It is like a soundtrack to my youth. I feel such comfort listening to this album, as I feel like my dad is still around. A lyrical genius. 

My Favourite Song – Thank You For The Days


– The Script | The Script | 2008 –

Script_albumThis album came out in 2008. When I was 15. That was the age I started singing a lot more, be it around the house, belting out a song in my room, or singing along in the car. This is the first album where I loved every single song on the album. Usually I would skip a song or 2 on certain albums. This one? I could listen to every song on replay everyday all day. I love the catchy lyrics and funky vibe to this whole album.

Favourite Song – We Cry


– Bruno Mars | Doo Wops & Hooligans | 2010 –

cbf3817a5e0c5f3ae6f665627f85df33This was Bruno Mars debut album, and what a career he has had since. His success has been incredible and I believe a lot of it was due to the amount of fans he gained with this album, he is a likable man & his attitude while singing makes the album all the more entertaining. ‘Grenade’ ‘Just The Way You Are’ ‘The Lazy Song’ ‘Marry You’ were worldwide hits. This album is fun, it includes love, fun, silly, and inspiring songs. A great album all round.

Favourite Song – Talking to The Moon


– Taylor swift | 1989 | 2014 –

Taylor_Swift_-_1989“1989” (the year Taylor was born) is her 5th Album to date. It is her first ‘official’ pop album, as most of her previous albums have more of a innocent country vibe to them. Inside the album cover you receive 10 little Polaroid pictures of Taylor, a nice personal touch to an album. So far it has sold 7.5 million copies and that is a rising number. This album has let me forget about everything at certain points, and that is what I want, to feel care/stress free when I listen to an album, to take me away from reality.

Favourite Song – Wildest Dreams


– Rihanna | Loud | 2010 –

download (3)Of course an album of Rihanna’s had to make it into my Top 5! “LOUD” was her fifth album, and is my favorite album of hers. I find it so fun. I have many memories of hanging out with my best girlyfriend’s dancing to ‘S & M’ ‘What’s My Name’ and of course ‘Only Girl’, still one of my favorite Rihanna song’s. ‘Skin’ is a very sexual song but one of my favourite of it’s kinds. When I listen to this album? I just want to dance, be with friends and just have fun being young!

Favourite Song – Only Girl



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