3 Years On.

Three years on, yet everyday it pop’s into my mind countless times

When I walk into Dunnes |When I walk around town |When I wake up or go to sleep | When I went to watch my brothers soccer game | When I eat certain dinners | When I kick a football | When I listen to music | When I say Oiche Mhaith | When I go for a walk | When I meet my Granddad | When I see my nephews smiling | When I do something new in my life | When I think back on Connected | When I hear great news | When I see my friends parents |

Everything reminds me of my father who passed away from Suicide in 2012, &ย the fact that he is never coming back.

It hurts me. Much more than any Chronic back pain, than anything else that has ever caused me hurt & pain, but I do hope that he & my mom are at peace.

This is one of those situation’s where I have to think of the positives of all those reminders of my dad. When I hear a song he loved? I smile at the image I have of him singing along. When I hear my nephews laughing? I think of how happy and proud he would be of the family. When I look for advice? I think of what I know he would tell me. That way, it makes me feel like he is still around. That’s comforting. It’s the best way I believe one can look at thing’s one cannot change.

That’s the way I have been looking at this situation for the past 2 years.

And? …


It’s helped me appreciate all the amazing thing’s have happened to me since his passing, I’m happy I can see the positives. It’s just he is not here to hear about them. I still feel he gives me strength, and for that I am grateful.

He thought me many things about life, yet without him I’ve learned even more.

photo (2)vvv







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