A Random Postcard

In April 2013 I attended youth day in Killarney.



There was a stall organised by Reach Out , who are an organization that provides information on stress, anxiety, bullying, suicide, depression, photo 1bipolar and other issues that can affect your mental health and well-being.

At the stall they had a “Note To Self” poster. This was a project, where people could write a positive message on a post-card to yourself, and the people at Reach Out would send out the postcards randomly at any time. Be it a few months, a year, or a few years down the line.

I didn’t feel like writing one for me at the time, so I wrote one to my sister, my aunt & uncle. I wrote “I love You!” on both the postcards, & they said they will be sent out some time in the next few years. “What a lovely Idea” I thought to myself.




I forgot about it until a few days ago when my aunt text me “I love you too” to which I thought, that’s nice, yet random. My sister also text me, “thank you for the postcard“. Then I thought to myself…”Am I unknowingly posting random postcards?!” Then that stall at youth day popped back into my mind && I felt happy, as it most likely made a few people smile that day also.

This was a creative idea by the organization to keep positivity alive.

photo 2



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