Alcohol. Why Don’t I Drink?

I have never particularly had one straight up ‘reason’ for not drinking alcohol.

collagennn“Drinking” is a popular way of socializing && that’s great! It can get people out of the house, help people make new friends & have fun, relax & dance, some become more confident, there are many pro’s to a few drinks.

I have tasted some, last night actually I tasted a pretty nice drink “Stella Artois – Cidre”. I also sipped some when I was about 16. If I did drink regularly? I would hit up the sweet rainbow colored beverages.

So why don’t I drink? What is it in my mind that lets me know I don’t want to drink?

Maybe I have a fear of being out of control? I have an addictive personality, && I fear I may get addicted, therefore that itself, consciously makes me not drink. I feel there are a lot of things in my life I can’t control, I sometimes don’t feel in control of my health, emotions, life & this one is one Iv’e always been able to control.


 My dad was always proud of my brother for never drinking, I guess I followed in his footsteps? I looked up to him a lot when I was a kid & that influenced me. My dad did pour me a pint of Guiness when I was 12, that didn’t end up well. . . Although he got a few laughs out of it. Fecker.

Will I ever go out for a few sociable alcohol based drinks? Never say never. Iv’e always wondered ‘what does being drunk feel like?‘ I’m so curious about it. Yet. .  I still won’t drink. I have absolutely no issue with alcohol or think anything etc of anyone who drinks. It literally makes no difference to me. So why don’t I drink? That’s what I’m trying to figure out by writing about it. 

I enjoy going out with my friends && crazy dancing with them, “getting krunk” may I say? Or is that just too cheesy for you guys? Then heading for some chicken wings for the taxi ride home afterwards. I have never once felt left out because I don’t drink, mainly because I have a hilariously great group of friends who are unbelievable craic when sober and/or tipsy/drunk, & we all enjoy our nights as much as each other! Lucky aren’t I?!

Maybe it is just something I don’t like myself && well, that’s okay isn’t it? 

11222511_955238084526730_4387506501090723654_n (1)One of my favorite song’s on a night out to belt out :





One thought on “Alcohol. Why Don’t I Drink?

  1. I feel the exact same way. People always ask me why I don’t and I never really know how to answer. It’s a tricky one, but I am happy I don’t.

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