Music That Helps Me Relax

Sometimes I feel over powered by anxiety, but. . .

I love to feel relaxed. As we all now, feeling fully at ease & making yourself ‘be’ relaxed? Is surprisingly a tough thing to do. You’d think telling yourself “just relax, breath” would work. I mean you are in control of your own body & emotions most of the time. Most of the time. Other times? They control you.ย 

To feel fully relaxed && at ease? I know what I can do to help myself. I like to walk on a beach on my own, listening to the sounds of the ocean, sing in my room, or sit outside somewhere with my headphones admiring nature listening to songs that make me feel at peace. I included three song’s I always listen too below.ย 

What are the thing’s that help you Relax?

Once you know what helps you? It makes things a hell of a lot easier.ย 




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