Why Does Tea Taste Better From Your Favorite Mug?

| I am currently drinking a cup of tea from my favorite mug |

| A Celtic one that I bought my dad years ago |

I feel my tea tastes nicer from this cup than it does a big plain mug, or any other cup in fact.

Is that possible? No… I mean, it’s the same drink?! Just. . in a different cup.

So why do I think it tastes nicer in this cup?

Is it simply an answer of I like this cup? I think of great memories when I see the cup? I know it was my dad’s so I like it as it reminds me of him? && well . . . it’s full of tea?

Wait up, let’s go back to the taste of the Tea.

Why do I think it tastes better?

Something in my mind makes me think that if I have my tea in this exact cup, it will taste nicer!

For now, I’m going to go with, it’s just “preference”, just accept the fact that I ‘prefer’ this cup, and that is why it tastes nicer. That’s easier than trying to figure out the real psychological reason behind this riddle many of us Irish tea lovers face.ย 

Although it’s a similar situation to liking your wine/beer in a wine/pint glass, or liking your cereal in a certain bowl, or just having a certain plate you always eat off.

This question is a riddle. Help me figure it out won’t you?

My Cup Of Tea





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