My 5 Favorite Music Videos

Below is a list of My 5 Favorite Music Videos. I have many. Like, too many. So I narrowed it down to what I feel are “My 5 Favorite” for now. . .

I relate to the whole song. It’s about how you wish someone you have lost in life could see you living life now, you being proud of who you have become, what you are doing, and hope/know that the person would be proud and happy for you, if they could see you now. I find the lyrics quite inspirational.


I listened to this song when I was suffering from Anorexia Nervosa and it made me feel like someday I will be OK again. I felt like I was never as good as anyone else at one point so this song helped me through tough times, it’s fantastic how music can help someone so much through a tough time.


What a music video! The music, the choreography, everything about this video to me is amazing. It is definitely one of the most watched music video’s I would think. A music video where the choreography has made the song even more well known.


Rihanna is one of my favorite artists and this is one of my favorite music video’s because I love the fashion in it. I love every outfit in this and I still strive to someday wear something similar to the outfits in this video. The colours in the video are lovely to look at, the flower petals, the red background, her bright red hair, all of it works well together. 


This video show’s how women can feel insecure about their image. But it does not affect just women, it affects both men & women, we can all be insecure about ourselves, be it our face, weight, hair, anything. The video shows this side and I think it show’s how you shouldn’t have to change your image for anybody. 



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