My Goals Per Week

Below is a video I created about goals I have set for myself to reach every week. Now there not sch-tone mad, like 2 10km run’s, bake 4 apple pies, drink 30,000 litres of water a week, && only eat fruit and protein powder or something.

There ones I want to reach every week to live my life the way I know will help me, help myself feel more relaxed, productive and stronger as a person. So why would I not try to reach these goals?

It’s important for us all to have something to works towards, to make us feel like we are worth something. For a long time, I’ve felt a bit worthless. I see people finishing college, having part time – jobs, moving country etc and I think “CHRISHT where am I going and what am I doing in life?!” Then …I realize that it is the little thing’s that make me happy and I remember that I am happy with that, I am happy with the highlight of my week being a visit to my nephews or a fruit scone with my family.Β 

I forget all that when I look at people’s lives around me. I must stop comparing their lives to mine, and what ‘society‘ would think is ‘the right thing’ in life and realize that who I am? and what I do? Is the right thing, for me, and it shouldn’t have to suit others perceptions.


3 thoughts on “My Goals Per Week

  1. Great goals. You hit the nail on the head, they do not (goals) have to be earth moving.. your goals are just that YOUR GOALS. They motivate us to become more productive and as you said more energised each day, week or month. Well done!! Let us know how progress goes!

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