Moving House

I’m moving again. For the 7th time in about 3 years.


Well. . .

I knew if I signed another contract for this house for another 6 months? That, this is where I have to be situated. I’ll have to stay here, && make it my base.

Luckily for me, I have lovely people who will take me in for a while so I don’t have to worry about contracts etc.

Why did I want this? Why move back in and be ‘less independent’ I guess?

I want to feel free in where I can go. I want to live somewhere for a month or so, go to America for 3 months next Summer, somewhere else for a few weeks, get an internship in Dublin/Cork. Do a course else where? Anything. I feel free/excited knowing all of this. This move is to prep me for the future.ย 

I decided the path I am going to go down in life? Is going to be Media related. Be it Acting (Ima work hard), Radio Presenter, Singer, TV Production, Journalist, Blogger, Vlogger, etc. This is what I want. So, I’m going to do it. Duh.

As I grew up? My main dreams were ‘personal trainer, soccer player, handball world champion, singer/dancer/performer‘. Those first three, were the ones I was destined for until I got hit with a heep of stress after my dad’s passing, I developed fybromyalgia, a medical condition, which, let me tell you does not like a lot of sporting activities and really hates stress.ย 

So I am going to look after myself, and go for what my body will let me, I know my limits, I’m beginning my pilates again to get stronger and I am focusing on all the great things there are in life. Many, many things!

Myself, Auntie && Rachel in NYC



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