My 5 Favorite Songs “July 2015”

My 5 favorite songs Iv’e been listening to this month “July 2015″. What are yours? Let me know!

Kanye West – Black Skin head

Pharrel – Freedom

Imagine Dragons – Friction

The Weeknd – I can’t Feel My face

Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me? 



3 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Songs “July 2015”

  1. Hey Alanna!

    I really love what you are doing with your blog and would love to nominate you for a Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is a way for bloggers to acknowledge other bloggers, cross promote, and connect with members of the blogging community 🙂

    The guidelines for accepting the award are in my post:

    I hope you’ll want to join in, and I look forward to reading more posts from your blog! 🙂

    Xo Laura

      1. You tag me back so I can see your answers and then nominate another blogger with less than 200 followers who you want to pass the Liebster Award onto! It is all about building friendships with and supporting fellow bloggers. I am happy that in want to join in! 🙂

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