What Make Up Do I Own? My Daily Routine

I don’t purchase much make up myself. 

I buy my foundation, concealer, powder, browzing’s myself. 

All the other make up? Has been gifts, how lucky am I?

My daily make up routine? If I wish to do so…

Is as Follows : 

  • Powder Base | Rimmel ‘Clear Complexion’ | Bare Essentials Powder Brush
  • Concealer | Benefit ‘Boing’ | Gosh Concealer Brush
  • Foundation | Maybelline ‘Dream Satin Liquid’ | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
  • Blusher | Essence Defining Blush ‘Rose Royce’ | Bare Essentials Blush Brush
  • Eyebrows | Benefit Browzings ‘Dark’ | Eyebrow Brush’s Included
  • Mascara | Rimmel Kate Moss
  • Eyelash Brush | ‘m’
  • Sleek Ballet Palette | Colour Tutu | Lip Brush Included
All of My Make Up. Bare Essentials? Or Too Much?
photo 2
Red Lipstick for a night out

ake up
Simple Daily Make Up


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