Worrying Gets You Nowhere

My uncle has a yearly calendar, where you rip off each day’s date as it goes by, kinda like an advent calendar for the whole year…but with no candy…

What you do get with it though is a funny, inspiring, or thought provoking quote.

This one right below was one of the best so far.

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, keeps you going but gets you nowhere”

photo (7)

Too right?!


I have been worrying so much lately that I fear I’m causing myself tummy ulcers, and for what?!

Thing’s that blow over? Thing’s that don’t need half as much worry as I do? Thing’s 95% of  people probably wouldn’t think twice about so why do I worry about it?! I don’t know, and as this quote says, it gets you nowhere.

You know what? It has gotten me nowhere, so it’s time to quite that sh*t && enjoy life that little bit more.










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