Feeling 22. . .

How are you suppose to feel when you turn 22?

Are you to feel :

1. Young, Stress -Free, Relaxed, Inspired, Striving for the best?

2. Tired, a mind full of stress, physical pain you never imagined, hopeless?

I feel both, altogether.

Odd haw. How can you feel so many good && bad thing’s all at the same time?

22I turned 22 last Wednesday.

What did I do on the day of my birthday this year?

I went to my radio course, met my boyfriend in town and we hung out at my friends, headed up to my aunt & uncles for a fry up. T’was lovely. Had some fruit cake, my favorite. Then at one point I broke down crying in front of my boyfriend and my uncle, thing’s have just gotten too too much for my mind. Iv’e been very stressed lately, for many reasons, too many to explain, thing’s build up and your head can only take so much. Don’t you agree? … 

Why am I stressed? One main reason is I have chronic pain/fybromyalgia && it is tiring && dis-heartening. I have previously said I try put on a brave face, but that’s not the right wording. Thing is? I just try be happy with what I have and smile through each day as there are so many amazing thing’s in this world and many thing’s I am grateful for, I have it so good….but, I am in a lot of physical pain…pain causes stress, stress causes pain, and more illnesses, it’s a cycle that I need to stop now before I get sick.

Another reason is that I care too much about what people think about who I am, what I do, what I say, more than I thought I did, more than I’d like to stress about for sure. I need to be myself more and all will be well, if people don’t like that? There is nothing I can do. 

*Mind Wanders* “Although, I write this blog & don’t care too much, maybe that’s because I believe certain thing’s I write may and have helped some people?”

We all say to each other, “do what makes you happy“. Although it seems sometimes even when we do that? It’s not good enough. Someone, somewhere will find a fault with it. That will always happen in life & it’s time we all got used to that. If you are already? Fair play!  

We all need to be who we are, and if people don’t like who are? What are we to do? Brush it off. Time to start brushing sh*t off. *brush brush* *brush brush*

What can we all do to be happy being ourselves? Care a little bit less about what others think. If your happy being you? Well I’m proud of you! Be who you are. 


Below is a video of a live performance of a rather motivational song for you all by Linkin Park & Jay – Z


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