What People Inspire Me?

People who are themselves inspire me.

People who are passionate about what they love and do inspire me.

People who are grateful for what they have and are selfless inspire me.

People who smile inspire me.

People who care inspire me.

People who are patient and know how to relax, who don’t stress and worry inspire me. “Carefree Spirit’s” we’ll say.

People with great determination and perserverance inspire me.

And finally, people who don’t give a flying sh*t about what others think about them inspire me the most. 

Of course, that’s within reason. People who are themselves and know who they are and don’t give a hoot? Inspire me. People who dress the way they want and go after their dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem to others…inspire me.

I wish I could be like them, and that’s how they inspire me.

My Top 3 Inspirational People At the Moment, all for different reasons. 

  1. My Father. . .even though he’s passed, for all his life lessons, still inspire me.
  2. Beyonce. . .she chased her dreams, and keeps creating and chasing bigger & better dreams.
  3. Cara DeLevigne. . .for being herself and making the best of it. 
My Dad
images (1)vbcv
Image taken from Wikipedia
Cara DeLevinge

(Images taken from Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page)



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