Creativity, Come at me brah.

When I don’t work on my creativity for a long time? I get anxious and it builds up and now is time to do something about it.

I have many ideas in my head. Wonderful ideas, if I’m honest. I forget them…all the time. Why? Not enough time spent on what I love. So the ideas? They slip my mind.

Lyrics I should sing, Blog post’s I should share, Pictures I should draw, Videos I should record, Short Stories I should write. So many random idea’s pop into my mind daily, and Iv’e done little with them. I am angry that I have not focused on what makes me happy. We all have thing’s that make us happy, so why not do what makes you happy yourself? You have the power.

photo 2n
Page No.1

Today I decided to buy a new notebook, a new diary, to add to the pile of about…10? I will write about how I feel, about life, relationships, friendships, family, the past, my memories, write about who I truly am, and not about the person people might think I am. I think we all have many personality traits, and only certain traits come out depending on who you are surrounded by. 

I wrote on the first page (see picture above) : You can Judge people before you know the full story, and when you think you know the full story. . . but you never really can know the full story, as we all tell stories differently

Sometimes, I believe many people are taken the wrong way, and we take people up the wrong way, before truly knowing the reason behind their actions. Quick Judgement’s. I believe it is best to be yourself in life, even though sometimes I truly find that difficult and can’t follow through on my own advice, I do hope I learn how to follow my own advice as I work on my creativity. 

photo 1k
My purchases from Eason’s. Memories painted with colour.


One thought on “Creativity, Come at me brah.

  1. That’s a great idea! I’ve found a love of writing in the last few years so I think I might do something like this too. Plus, who doesn’t love a good notepad & pens! 😆

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