Man About Steak


He makes me steak. What more could I ask for?

One could ask for a lot in a relationship…but when do you know when your suppose to stop? What is ‘enough‘? . . .I’m talking about the ‘idealistic‘ view on relationships.

We all have an idealistic view on what we’d like our relationship’s to be like. The thing one has to remember in a relationship, is that there are two people. I sometimes have to refresh my mind with that very simple fact. 

When I think my relationship is going great? Or going terribly? I take a step back. Take time to myself and realize that we are two separate people, who have different goals and aspirations as our own people in life and that’s what makes it such an adventure!

Like all relationships, there are good & bad times, and I am honestly happy with who I am with. I can tell him anything, trust him with everything, and discuss any topic one could throw at me, and for that…I am so grateful.

He understands my health conditions && always does what he can to help me when I am in pain, he doesn’t mind that sometimes when he hugs me? It burns my skin. That some morning’s I can’t leave, some evenings I can’t call, as now & then I’m bed bound, and that I cry when I get stressed… truly over the smallest of thing’s. When I break down about losing my dad? He’s just there and comforts me.

I feel I have been irrational in my relationship in the past, haven’t we all? When I look back? I think to myself “What were you at?” Seriously. I wonder, silly Alanna. Iv’e have learned a lot from my mistakes in my relationship and by applying what Iv’e learned? Things are getting better and better. Happy as a Hippo.

What’s that famous Quote again?

Oh Yeah! : “Learn From Your Mistakes

Himself Making The Steak.




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