Write Your Life

– I wrote a ‘life essay‘ last week –

I wrote over 8,500 thousand words. A rough draft of the story of my life…so far

We all have one.

It’s bizarre. The good, bad, painful, joyous, incredible things that can happen in one person’s life.


  • Quick Life Summary :

Born into a loving family. Great childhood. Parents separated. My mom & sister moved out. I stayed with dad and brother. Played many sports. Loved playing games outside. Board games on a winters day. Mom got sick. Mom got better. My mom developed Cancer & passed away. Began secondary school. Made friends. Lots of dedication to sport. Secretly always wanting to be a performer. Fearful of what people would think. Ditched school when I had an exam for fear of failing/stress of not understanding lessons. I had the option of going/not going to school. My dad had no rules for me, just trust. Won an all Ireland. Won sports student of the year in my final year at school. Completed leaving cert. Got accepted into college. Started college. Developed Anorexia. Suffered from depression & suicidal thoughts. Dad helped through all of this. Dropped out of college. Got first job. Began dancing (finally). Recovered from Anorexia through counselling. Worked. Dad got sick with his mental health. Stayed on a mattress on my dad’s floor to mind him for 2 months. Dad took his own life. I broke down. In every way possible. I kept going. Got my own apartment. Full time job. Back got sore. Diagnosed with Fybromyalgia (this sh*t sucks balls) after all the stress I went through from losing my dad. Done 2 online courses. Began blogging more frequently. Doctor punctured my lung. Got asked to take part in a 20 Part Documentary/Reality Series for RTE 2. Recorded my life for nearly a year. It aired on the TV. Back had me bed bound now & then, still does. Started cycling more, a form of exercise that doesn’t cause pain. Began my own videos. Done a short radio course. And now? Who knows.

Life changes. In one short day, boom, your life can be flipped upside down. I have gone through bouts of up’s & downs, like errbody does. I know everyone has their own struggles, even if they don’t talk about it. Writing this? I am in a very good place. I feel like I’m seeing things differently the last year. I used to see through quite…let’s say negative eyes, but I had to change that, literally seeing the best thing in every situation, every person, makes life so much better.

I’d advise anyone to write a life essay, because if you think you’ve done little in life? Which I thought.

Truth is. You’ve done a lot more than you think.




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