Singing – Focus

I love to sing. Always have done. I don’t know if i’m good or bad.  I don’t really mind either.

I just enjoy singing.

I used to sing a lot in my old house with dad. Then sing in the apartment with Fiona. Then a lot in my new house with friends. Now I’m living with family && I am embarrassed about doing so in front of them. I don’t sing at all here. I guess I feel people will be listening and well, it scares me. It shouldn’t, I know that, but it does. Blerp.

I hope to get over these feelings, but when your in a estate with houses close together etc? You feel people are listening, even when they probably aren’t & wouldn’t give a hoot anyway. Silly little fear I must get over. 

Also. If anyone wants someone to practice singing with? Play music while I sing as a two piece or something? Have a back up singer etc? Just message me. 



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