‘Connected’ Wins an IFTA

I took part in a TV Series called ‘Connected’ which was aired on RTE 2 in September 2014 for 2 months. A show that helped my confidence grow, helped me to speak up && out, and gave me the chance to experience something I dreamed of as a kid… appearing on a Reality Television Show.

This experience was a lot more than just being in a show for me though, it was an honest reflection of my life put out to the public && it changed my life.

When I was around 15/16 my friends & I used to joke about having a reality show called “Drama in The Square“. We’d always have some sort of silly gossip when we’d meet up & chat, we’d say how all our news would make a great new episode of “Drama in The Square“. My friend Steph & I always thought having a TV show would be ‘class‘. . . .

photo 4 (2)
Myself & the beautiful Nicole ❤

Then Connected came along. Not drastically in one certain way, but in many wonderful little ways. I thought once it finished airing, that was the end of the ‘Connected’ experience but it popped up in my life 2 weeks ago when it was nominated for an IFTA (Irish Film Television Award) for best reality TV show. I went up to the glitzy && very glamours (no trackies allowed) ceremony and Connected won.

A show where the six of us women put our lives out there to the public was received well and even won an IFTA! I was fearful of what people would think now & then during the filming the show, I really wanted to do it, but at the same time? I was so scared, nervous and unfortunately very anxious. 

Luckily there was a great supportive team of producers around me that assured me everything would be OK by ringing & texting me daily when they knew I wasn’t feeling myself, they were too good to me, they let me know its good to speak out and that people would relate. It looks like they did. I’m so happy and grateful that the show won, it reassures me that the show and all the work that was put into it by the whole team? Was definitely recognized and in a great light.

Chuffed && Proud ! Check out my video “Off to the IFTAS” below 🙂 

photo 3 (5)


One thought on “‘Connected’ Wins an IFTA

  1. Hi Alanna, I came across the show ” connected” pretty coincidentally but immediately fell in love with it. Couldn’t help myself noticing that you cried a lot during the show but I assume that I couldn’t understand how deep your loneliness is after your beloved dad passed away. But then I can always see a strong and brave girl. I am not sure how is counselling going but maybe you can try go for a run sometimes, it might helps a lot I think. I am so glad that the show make you more confident and stronger plus Hutchy is a very reliable lad from watching him do all the cooking and talking. I am really happy for you.

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