Traditions Can Change

Off to the midlands for Christmas so I am.

This is my first Christmas away from Kerry. 22 years of the same tradition and a new one can’t hurt.

Change is good right? Right?!

I am heading off to my boyfriends to spend Christmas with his family up in Offaly.

Usually I spend Christmas with the family in Tralee.

Here’s how the day plan’s out :

  • Go to my auntie’s at 1.
  • Open present’s once everyone has arrived (strict rule)
  • Have an amazing dinner at around half past two, the whole sha-bang, 3 course meal (it’s uh-ma-zing – see below)
  • Watch an animated family movie – Shrek/Frozen/Finding Nemo type of thang.
  • Play a board game – shout/get very loud while playing the board. . . stop playing the board game.
  • Have more dessert, usually pavlova, jelly, ice cream, Christmas cake, some odd marks & spencers dessert, jellies, chocolate…yanno…the usuals.
  • Watch another film. The genre depends on the day really. Could be inception, could be a Marvel movie or it could be something with Liam Neeson.
  • People drink && I fall asleep due to being too full.
Yep, That’s the usual Christmas for as long as I can remember.
The “Dinner”

So this year, there will be a change, and I’m excited for it. A happy day is all I want.


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