Feeeeling Good.

I have not done much writing lately. Iv’e been doing other things I enjoy though. Like radio work, exercise, watching show’s, cooking, and seeing a lot more of my family.

Things are going very good in life.!!
Some not so good, but that’s the same for every person. I love many things & people (people are the besht) in my life. The list could go on and on. For that? I smile.

I have taken a lot more time for myself over the last month or so. I feel fantastic for it.

Wellllll.. I started to take a lot more time for myself && I feel so much better.

Snaps of the last Month

 At one point last year I was surrounded by people, always meeting people, always doing something, socializing a lot, && that? Well…Made me anxious. To describe it? I basically felt suffocated. Not because of anyone else, but because of myself, how I let myself feel. Socializing is a great thing, especially when you have great people around you, which I’m so thankful I do, but Iv’e realised : I need my own space frequently or else I get nervous/anxious

With just putting aside time for myself now? My anxiety has lessened, I get enough sleep for myself, I get time to relax, time to exercise, && be myself, by myself. I need that time for me to be able to function and be happy. Now I know what works for me? I will continue this way. That way : I will be my best when around my family and friendies.

I’m not stressed, I’m not tired (If I am? It’s just because I didn’t get off YouTube in time). I have been eating way better, more fruit, way more vegetables. I have fruit/vegetables in every meal now. You can be much more experimental with lunch when you don’t have a plain aul sandwich.

I have decided to make time for exercise for myself. I have fybromyalgia, and over 3 years Iv’e realized the less moving I do? The more stiff/inflamed/pain I feel. I need to move, for my mind & body. It’s how I relax. I also know what my body can tolerate now. Took long enough…  I have decided to do an hour or so of exercise 3 times a week. Swim/Walk/Stretch’s/Gym. I also love doing exercise, when I am able. I don’t dread the idea of it, I love the idea of it! I am limited to what I can do with my condition, it differs daily. I know my limits now, and with a positive attitude I feel I can do anything.

This was just an update post before I get back to writing more regularly.
Cheers for reading. Sound.


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