Food Diary : What I Ate In A Week

People love food. and looking at pictures of food, seeing what people eat. It’s like a thing now….

I love looking at pictures of food, watching videos of people making food, learning about food, baking, cooking, basically I am a foodie.

It had been a while since I uploaded a daily diet/what I ate in a week post, due to the fact that I used to eat toasties for breakfast lunch && dinner,with the added extreme binging on pringles & sweets, and that’s just bland as fack. So here was what I ate for all of last week. I tried to be a bit creative & keep to my 3 main meals. I also tried to eat as best as I could as I knew I was going to be posting this online, so didn’t go over board. Yay!

07/02/2016 – 14-/02/2016 Food Diary


Porridge with 2 Snack Pack Raisins. (Breakfast)

2 Apple’s. Banana. 

Cottage Pie. With a side of Green Beans/Carrots. (Dinner)

Sweet Potato/Smoked Salmon/Peppers/2 Babybell’s on a bed of Spinach. (Supper)

Packet of Chocolate Minstrels. Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow’s.


Bowl of natural yogurt/Grapes/Blueberries. (Breakfast)

Pancakes with Lemon & Sugar. (Extra Breakfast)

Chicken Vol eu Vaunt. Side of Carrots/Turnip. (Dinner)

2 Babybell’s. 2 Raisins Snack Pack’s .

Curried Rice/Corn/Broccoli/Spinach. (Supper)

Pancake with Nutella.

3 Chocolates. Homemade Minstrel Cookie.


Porridge with 2 Raisin snack pack’s. (Breakfast)

Banana Crunch NAKD Bar.

Meatballs, Rice. Cauliflower, Mash with Pepper Sauce. (Dinner)

Sweet Potato, Peppers, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Smoked Salmon on a bed of Spinach. (Supper)

Bowl Of natural yoghurt W/Blue Berries/Grapes.

Half a tub of Pringles. 30 Cent worth of Jellies.


Yogurt With Grapes/2 Raisin Snack Packs. (Breakfast)

Sweet Potato/Peppers/Tomatoes/Cheese/Spinach Salad. (Lunch)

Sweet Potato/Peppers/Tomatoes/Cheese/Spinach/Avocado/Smoked Salmon. (Dinner)

Thick Pancake with Nutella.


Porridge with 2 Raisin snack packs. (Breakfast)

Apple. Portion of Grapes.

Plate of Smoked Salmon with Tomatoes. 2 Baby bell’s. Granola Bar. (Lunch)

Stuffed Chicken fillet wrapped in Bacon, w/Broccoli & Rice. (Dinner)

Lots of Strawberries. 3 Large Cola Bottles Jellies.


Big Bowl of Strawberries/Apple/Raisins with Natural Yogurt. (Breakfast)

Fruit Scone with Butter.

Stuffed Chicken/Bacon fillet w/Croquettes & Broccoli. (Big Dinner)

Dairy Milk Turkish Delight Bar. 2 Pack’s of Snack  a Jacks. Iced Ring Doughnut & Hot Chocolate. (What Sat night’s are for…?)


Large Bowl of natural yogurt with Grapes/2 Raisin Snack Packs/an Apple. (Breakfast)

2 Cheese Triangles. Chopped up Portion of Pineapple. 

50 Cent worth of Jellies. Animal Bar.

Take Away Indian Chicken Korma/Rice/Naan Bread. (Dinner)

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows.



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