Donal Skehan’s Banana Bread

I had banana’s that were fairly black on the outside, I didn’t want to bring them with me for lunch as they would only get really bruised in my bag. Therefore I  decided ….to bake… Some banana bread! I have Donal Skehan’s recipe book. So I said why not give it a whirl! I had to buy caster sugar, baking soda, && vanilla extract. I had all of the other ingredients, && those will all be used in time. 

It was actually a very simple bread to make, && you get a lot of it! I found it more like a cake than bread, buuut that could have just been from the way I mixed/baked it. It was yum yum yum! I will definitely make it again, I ate it on it’s own, with peanut buter, & with nutella. 


Donal Skehan Recipe that I used Below :

Auntie Ann’s Banana Bread


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