Valentine’s Day 2016

Well… what does Valentine’s Day involve?

What is it ‘suppose‘ to involve?

Well. . . Hmm…I guess it’s ‘suppose‘ to involve romance, flowers, chocolate, cute cards, and lovey dovey teddys && what not. Am I right?

Chicken Korma/Garlic Naan/Pilau Rice

I guess it’s there for people to show the person they are with, that they care about them, love them, && to show how much they appreciate them. Nice idea? Of course! It’s also there in my opinion, as a day where people could get some balls and tell the person that they like? That they like them. Not sure how common that is to be honest. Should be more common… Iv’e done it. It helps! You get what you want to say out there, whether you get the answer you want/don’t want? Youv’e done all you can do, your best.

It’s a time where people/couples may feel pressure, from society (if they let that happen). To do something, I dunno ‘coupley’? And …if not? People ‘may’ think there’s something wrong. I think my whole view on Valentine’s day is that, it’s just another day, but a day where you show more affection & romance (if that’s yer’e thing) than normal. The last 4 years I’ve had someone to ‘celebrate’ Valentines Day with. We spent the first 2 years eating pizza with his friends, that I enjoyed! (bar the burnt pizza, I tried to grill it) The third by ourselves watching movies. This year? With friends eating an Indian take- away followed by some board games. Chill.

I got him a card with dogs on it, (it’s become a thing)…with a turkish delight bar inside. He got me, chocolare raffaello’s, mini marshmallow’s (I said earlier in a message, I was sickened I had no mallow’s left) & also…a Turkish Delight bar. A favorite of both of ours. He didn’t have anything when he called, he had to pop into Dunnes to get something for me on the way to the take-away. Which at the beginning, I was all like : Aw I wish he showed up with something and had been prepared as I had his card…then I thought back to myself that night….Hey he went into dunnes and got me the marshmallow’s, as he remembered I had none for my hot chocolate earlier, got me my favorite bar, and also some other chocolate’s to fit in with the ‘popular necessary’ valentine’s day gift” && I realized?….I’m a twat. I don’t like the ‘ideals’ && ‘expectations’ that apply to Valentine’s day myself, or the pressure people feel with it, including the standard’s society has created. Yet…I fell for it?! Silly  me. I got caught up in it for a few hours feeling a bit let down. Twat, so I am. It’s Valentines day. A corporate holiday I personally don’t like. Each to their own, this is just my opinion. Looking back at that night I was really happy with my gifts & I  really appreciate them. I still have my bar. I’m saving it. For that special cup of tea. 

Do you. Do what you like. Don’t try to fit ideals, sterotypes, society’s standards. If you like giving recieving flowers chocolates teddies etc? Do that. If you like to go for a run with your other half followed by cleaning your house? Do that. If you like to stay in bed all day by yourself and meet your other half for a drink that night or the following week? Do that. Life is too short to do thing’s you think you ‘should‘ do, do what you actually want to do.



One thought on “Valentine’s Day 2016

  1. Valentine’s day what ever it means for two people to spend it together in a way they feel comfortable and fun.
    Or something like that…

    Keep on smiling and with a foody like you it would be fun being in the kitchen.

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