Lamb Kebabs & Croquettes

These Lamb Kebabs are unbelievable. Available in most butchers. I thought that 2 each might be too little? Although it was enough with everything else and there is a lot of meat on each kebab.

Ingredients : Serves x 4

  • 8 Lamb Kebabs (from Waddings butchers)
  • dinnerpart1Sweetcorn 340 gram Tin
  • Tub of Coleslaw
  • Bag of Frozen Potato Croquettes

Method :

  1. Pre-Heat the oven to 200 degree’s for 10 minutes. Pop your 8 Lamb Kebab’s onto tin foil layed out on a tray. Pop 16 potato croquettes onto your other tray, cook for 25 minutes.
  2. Pop your 2 Tbsp’s of coleslaw & 2 Tbsp’s of sweetcorn onto the plate.
  3. Lay all your food out onto the plate and add some ketchup if you wish.

dinner part 2


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