What are your Goals?

Kerry ❤

I can’t achieve what I want/need… without setting goals. My Goal? I wish to continue to change my lifestyle…forever.

This post is for me. You may learn from it, you may not, but here it is. . .

I can’t be happy in other people’s prescene unless I am truly happy with who I am. 

Lifestyle Change definition : “Lifestyle changes are defined as changes that alter various lifestyle-related behaviors such as diet, physical activity, sexual behavior, smoking, alcohol consumption, substance use, and other behaviors not otherwise defined as psychopathology”

For 8 weeks, from the middle of January to the middle of March I done great with my ‘lifestyle change’, but I have fallen back on some old habit’s I wish to rid, as they are self destructive habits I am used to doing. Again, there habit’s. 

Changing my diet/eating habits : Involves eating better foods (not eating a full bag of peanut m & m’s and half a block of cheese on crackers as a ‘snack’) For 8 weeks I learned how to eat junk food in moderation. I included much more fuit and vegetables & experimented with cooking dinners daily. The last 4 weeks? Ive lost my ways, but I know I can get back there.

Physical Change 8 weeks into lifestyle change. Bad habits crept in lately, back too it again from today.

Changing My Mindset/Behaviour : Involves staying positive by focusing on what makes ME happy, setting goals, standing up for what I believe in, surround myself with positive people, wake up & smile && don’t let negative views on what I do? and my choices? Make me feel unhappy. Realise that what makes me happy? Is part of who I am. So if I wanna dance/skip along the street on my walk thinking I’m Beyonce? Sing while cycling? Go to the gym intead of going out? Go to bed at 10 and watch YouTube videos instead of socialising because I’m tired? Imma do it. Imma be me. Do YOU! 

Time Keeping : For Creativity : I wish to make time to work on my creative side. Thing with me? I am NEVER bored. I can never be bored. There are too many things to do in this world, in the beautiful country of Ireland, especially Kerry, to possibly ever be bored #justsayin … Im’a make more time to draw, write, record/edit videos, sing songs in my room, create audio for podcast’s, act, add pictures to my scrapbooks, organise all my photo album’s, mess around with make up and take some photo’s… && it goes on.

Time Keeping : For fitness/physical health/cooking & eating well : During the 8 weeks I was going to gym? I had so much more energy, I was happy, I felt stronger, I was cooking/eating different foods. I felt more like myself. Even with the little bits I did at the gym? I felt so great. Doing this took a lot of time out of my days. I also have to buy food, cook food & shower after the gym and that takes another hour or so. Yes doing this? Means less socialising during the week. The days I went and will be going to the gym are days I don’t have time to see people for long, but I gotta be happy with myself first. It makes me really happy, so again Im’a do it. Imma be me. It’s all about balance. Of course there’s time for tea with mah besties too, that’s a must. 

Physical Activiy: Make sure I do at least an hour of physical activity a day. Be it a walk, cycle, gym (hope to join again) or a swim, or some stretch’s/pilates in my bedroom for the days I don’t feel I can move much. For me some days I can do a lot more than I can other days, I have certain limits but I know them. #fybromyalgia #chronicpain

These things are the things that make ME happy. So I ask myself the question? Why don’t I make enough time for them?!

Is there something you want to do? A feeling you want to feel? Create a goal. Then you’ll reach it. Life is too short to not GO AFTER what you WANT! Give everything a shot.

For now… the song below is a song that you’ll relate too as you work towards reaching all your goals. (one of the songs I sing out loud on my walks/cycles)



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