Where Does The Time Go?

I follow many people online && lately and I wonder…Where do they get the time to do all these thing’s? From meal prepping, to writing books, to uploading videos, to going to the gym everyday, having relaxing time alone, working, cleaning the house, enjoying a night out, washing the dishes, taking care of their children and spending time with family/friends/partners. How do they achieve so much with how quick time goes?

From all the people I follow on YouTube, Melanie Murphy, Nikki Blackketter, Christian Guzman, to Lena Dunham, Cara DeLevingne, Jared Leto && many more. How do they fit all of these great thing’s they do daily into their … well…day?

I go to class, maybe have a waddle (if I have time), cook the dinner, wash my clothes, put away my clothes, have a shower, dry my hair, cook my lunch, prepare my lunch, do my food shopping balancing the bags on my bike, write a blog post, see a friend/family/boyfriend the odd day when I have the energy to get on my bike and go again once 8 o’clock roles around. I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain everyday… when all Ive had? Is a normal day.

I want to make the most of my time creatively and socially. I wonder how do they do it? All those people creating all these thing’s daily. How can we all take advantage of our time? As currently,ย  at 22 I have realized how fast time flies…. It means I’m having fun though right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know how these people reach their goal. They work as hard as they can to achieve where they have gotten. Now…I’d like to try.

me (3)
Stopping off on a cycle to enjoy the view โค

How? Below are the following idea’s I think I could take on board to make the mostย  of time. If you see any you think you could apply? Go for it!

  • Take care of myself mentally. When I feel stressed? Talk it out. When I feel anxious? Sit down. Take a break, have a cup of tea. When I feel tired early in the day? Have a short walk outside to freshen myself up. When I’m sad? Call my besties for a cuppa tea/chat over the phone.
  • Make the most of my mornings (get up up instead of that oh so popular snooze button…I’m guilty)….and what’s that saying? You snooze you lose? … I can see how that makes sense.
  • Make sure I get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and eat foods with nutritional value. (then I can have my chocolate bar and bag of jellies…)
  • Take breaks when I need them, create a house work/gym/cooking schedule I can stick too and STICK TOO IT. I know I feel better when I stick to these little goals, as they will add up to my lifetime goal. Being happy.
  • Create a To – Do list and pop it on my wall, therefore project’s I said I would work on? Don’t turn into ones created a year later. I don’t want “Holiday June 2016” to become “Holiday June 2017”.

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