“Just Once” short features for Radio Kerry

Currently the class of the Radio Production course that I am part taking in, are prouducing 3 – 5 minute short features that have the “Just Once” theme throughout are airing on Radio Kerry at the moment.

If you want to have a listen to the real life personal pieces we have created? Have a listen below! You might relate to some.

Just Once is a series of short features for Radio Kerry produced by the students of Radio Kerry Training. It is an opportunity to say, do or feel something once.

Have you ever thought to yourself “if I could go back to that one moment I do it all differently” or “I wish just once people would see me differently” or “I wish I could sit and chat with them just once more”? These are all things that many of us have considered at one time or another. Through the ‘Just Once’ series Radio Kerry hopes to give people the chance to fulfil that wish by simply saying it out loud, sometimes just taking a thought or a feeling and saying it out loud is enough.

Do you have something that you would like to do or say ‘Just Once’?



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