Diggin Days | Episode 11 – Bike Fest Killarney

I went to Bike Fest Killarney, which took place June Bank Holiday Weekend 2016. Bike Fest is Ireland’s largest free open biker festival so I said I would pop out & see my sister and family in Killarney for the night and record the trip. Watch below! Please like & share the video if you enjoy.

I pottered around the stalls, got some food & enjoyed the fabulous sunny warm weather! A great evening so it was. I love going to events that are a bit different from a regular night out in a nightclub and this looked like something different so I’m glad I went.

Real late nights out make my back and body pains much worse, as I don’t get enough rest and sleep. Lack of sleep & rest makes my pain worse and I always want to make the most out of everyday. That’s what life is about! When I go out & stay out late? I can’t make the most of the days, so for me home for 12 and a nice evening suits my body and mind well. That’s what is important to me in life. Enjoying life & minding my body & mind as best as I can.


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