Taking Part In Darkness Into Light | 2016

I took part in Darkness Into Light 2016 with 3 of my good friends. It was a really fun && inspirational morning. Darkness Into Light is an event, where people get together in the very early hours of the morning when it’s dark, and walk into the morning light together. The idea is so people can see the light together. Darnkess into light was there to help raise funds for Pieta House, whom provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. There is a charitable donation included to take part in the event and the money goes towards Pieta House.

Why did I take part? I guess I wanted to take part with my friends to help raise more awareness about the service that is there for people. To let people know Pieta House is there for you if you need someone to talk too, if you need help. The more people that took part in the walk? The more people sharing about the walk in company and online? They spread the word about this service, by letting people know that is available.

I think that having more people spread the word about the services? There may hopefully be a higher chance that the numbers of suicides may lessen. That’s the Hope!

I took part in a short interview with Irish TV about the event and the video is below if you would like to watch. I feel I may have fumbled over my words a small bit, but I hope to speak more about my personal experience of losing someone to suicide and going through my own troubles in the past, in the future in a YouTube video. But for now I am truly happy and I am just living my life as is. The video’s will come in time.

Click Here for more information on Pieta House.


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