August Daily Challenge : Daily Diary Entry (Few Days Late)

I always want to do a monthly challenge. To make the month a bit more interesting and fun.

I never dedicate myself enough too these challenges before the month begins (see title of this post..shocking) and I then ; never stick too it.  It’s often we decide to ‘Go Hard Or Go Home‘ and then… give up after a week. I do it. A lot.

I was looking up monthly challenges on & there are some challenges I’ma do.

  • 12932792_1267668233247529_9108742274310361400_n
    2 Month’s eating 90 % Vegan Meals & Exercise 3 Times Weekly. Only lost 4 Pounds so obviously gained muscle/toned up which I never thought I could do.

    Go Vegan For A Month I have eaten an, I guess 90% vegan diet for a month or so earlier this year and I never felt better, I felt refreshed, light, energetic, stronger than I have in the last few years by a mile, I was able to go to the gym! I was a lot less bloated. I posted a pic of myself in a sports bra and I never thought that was going to happen again. I was mentally and physically motivated and got so much done everyday. That was my personal experience and one I wish to do again to feel better. Right now? I feel like a slug #SlugLife

  • Take A Photograph Of Your Food Every Day I am obsessed with pictures of food. Since the age of about 15? I remember taking pictures of dinners I made my dad. This would help me be more creative with my meals.
  • Text, Write, Message…People You Care About & Tell Them Why They’re Important To You Life is SHORT. I’m not the best at expressing myself in person, so that is why I text or write thing’s to people. No one want’s to see me freaking BLOGout while struggling to explain how I feel. (It’s a ridiculous mess I promise)
  • Create A Postcard Sized Piece Of Art Each Day & Have A Work Of Art To Display At The End Of The Month This would make an awesome little scrapbook to look back on. I’d pick a theme. Maybe Disney or animals. 
  • Think Of Your Worst Habit, You’ve Been Meaning To Ditch & Give It Up For 30 Days My worst habit? Truly caring about what people think of me. I am, who I am. So why should I worry if others don’t like me? “Not everyone can like you.” My sister once told me that. If I could give up caring for a whole month? Boy..I’d be proud.
  • Do An Hour Of Exercise A Day I love exercise. It helps my back and my daily pain caused by Fybromyalgia. I always do an hour a day because I love doing so and it is very good for my physical and mental health, I haven’t done any exercise at all in over a month due to pulling tendons in my ankle unfortunately and let me tell you. No exercise? Truly effects my mood & motivation. I have such little motivation and energy since I stopped exercising. It makes me a lot happier, so that will be my challenge another month. 

    Cardiac Hill a few months back when my body was much stronger.
  • Ditch Social Media Sites For 30 Days, Or Limit Yourself To A Few Minutes A Day I spend so much time aimlessly scrolling and I feel I could truly put my time into being more creative – Edit Video’s | Draw | Paint | Write | Sing | Make Clay Ornament’s | Record a Podcast |
  • Write a daily Diary Entry 

    I used to write a lot. *See my blog posts from 2012/13/14* but lately? I’ve stopped. I have a lovely notepad I got in March 2016 and I have around 3 pages full…. So that is what I have chosen to do this month.

I’ll do the other challenges throughout the rest of the year. If you’ve any ideas?? Let me know.



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