Dear Alanna | 5th August 2013

Today was my 20th birthday. I am no longer a ‘smelly teenager’ (stereotype). I had great teen years, my worst was 19. For sure, yes my dad died at 18, then, the back pain was persistent for all of 19. 20 is an age where I feel I need to mature even more. Iv’e got a load of goals to reach by the time I’m thirty. ย I hope I reach them.

I ran a mile on the treadmill. I went shopping, bought a hoody, a dress and 2 t-shirts (a pokemon & dragon ball z one)…this was not a step in the more mature directions, but still ๐Ÿ™‚ Then Nicole, Rachel, Kathleen and I went up to Bear Mountain. The zoo was closed when we go there. Poo! I wanted to see Bears. But we did see gorgeous lakes, mountains & trails. I loved it. I prefer that than the city. I prefer lakes, mountains, the woods, cycling 100x times more than the city and the subway, by a mile. Nature is too nice. We saw a pack of Geese which was random.

Niamh face-timed me once I was home Sweetie Pie ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss her a lot. We are like sisters! It was nice to see her. I feel so awkward on those Skype/video chat yokes. There really cool though. She wished me a happy bday & reminded me of the Paramore ticket she got me for my bday next month! Eeeeep!


We had my favorite, my choice for dinner, lasagna! Mmmmm! Luff it I do! T’was unreal! We watched TV, then it was time for too many unexpected presents (SO GRATEFUL) converse, perfume, 3 tops, a dress, notebook on happiness (awww) & a little carrier bag and a card. How sweet!! and I got a cookie cake! YAY! A GIANT COOKIE with flowers on it (because I always wear them in my hair) how thoughtful, silly people making an effort for smelly me, I’d be happy with a card.

Cards are actually my favourite present. Cute & thoughtful & I can keep them as memories because there so small. Omar gave me a card to bring with me, a card with a giraffe on it, $50 note, a picture of us & a sweet heart message. So nice of him!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

We watched my old home videos. I loved them. I could see me & dad together again. It’s even clear to see in the video’s how much he cared for me. It’s oh so lovely to see us all together, I can’t even remember any of it. Out house looks so different now. Now it’s just empty. I had a pikachu bag, lollipop, fluorescent flower in my hair. Some things never change eh? Theo was such an odd ball child. There’s a video about half an hour long where he was camera man. Crazy little child. I also had a sign on my door “no boys allowed in my room, only dad, NO THEO”. ha ha ha. And I get on so well with him now. Actually I wish to spend more time with him but it never happens so Ill try harder when I’m home.

All and all I enjoyed my birthday, who’d have thought? ๐Ÿ™‚