Dear Alanna | 26th January 2014

Welcome. To the world, I, Alanna Diggin ‘live’ in.

I am 20 years old and I’m a realist. Well I like to think so.

I have Fybromyalgia…I think. Doctors have a tough aul time trying to figure my biology out. But yes, I am female. I am (every hour at least) forced too, well, I make myself, twist, pop & crack out my body so that I feel a ‘slight’ ease of tension & stress in my back, hips & shoulders.

I have a wide range of aches & pains. Right now? My wrist & arm feel like I have been working out all day. When really, all I have done is write this page. It get’s me down, affects my social circle, financial situations, relationships and career. They all work against each other really. One day I’ll be happy, then the pain gets bad, therefore I’m unhappy, then I don’t want to meet people because I won’t be able to do much with them, I don’t want to restrict them, therefore I get lonely and feel more un-happy & then they probably feel I’m rejecting them. Vicious cycle.

Ow, my hand hurts. Iv’e to stop writing.

For now.