Diggin Days | Vlogging My Way To A Foy Vance Concert In NYC!

This vlog show’s family and I going to see the wonderful singer songwriter Foy Vance in NYC on October 20th and it was amazing. I have listened to him for around 3 years now, Give a listen if you haven’t, I think my favorite track is ‘She Burns’… I think. There are so many I enjoy though, therefore it’s truly hard to pick just one.

I got emotional about something personal while at the concert. His music, and a lot of music in fact reminds me of certain things in my past, as I always listen to music to cope with change. This time the music reminded me of a sad time, I’m currently going through. But I know I’ll get through it. His music helps me cope.

I was going to leave the bit of me getting teary eyed in the bathroom out of the video, as I feared people may think ‘don’t put that online’…but I am someone who believes you should express yourself no matter how your feeling. It would be hypocritical of me to only show ‘the good’ on my channel. The online world has a large audience one can reach, so I may aswell show the world that it’s OK have a cry whenever you want.

Musicians express their emotions through music. I write, and record mine through a camera. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Yeah I cried, but, I’m happy I cried. It made me realize I still have some things going on personally that I need to deal with and work on more. Plus I was content and happy with life, even while crying. That’s just me.

I always wanted my writing and videos to be an honest portrayal of who I am and to be real. Just like the TV show I took part in. I hope you enjoyed this video. Remember to go listen to Foy Vance! He has a beautiful voice and sounds amazing live.

Alanna. Cheers for watching. Click the like button and visit the aul channel for more if your arsed! Sound.