The Beauty Of Music To Me

| Bon Iver ‘Skinny Love’ | Luke Kelly ‘Thank You For The Days’ | Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars ‘Safe & Sound’ | Foy Vance ‘ Burden/She Burns’ | Paul Brady ‘The Wolrd Is What You Make It’ | Christy Moore ‘Black Is The Colour’ | Lady Gaga ‘Million Reasons’ | Andrea Bocelli ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ |

Those song’s above? Are song’s that remind me of certain times in my life. All tough times for me personally. Listening to those song’s when I was going through a tough time? Made me sad, yet also listening to those song’s comforted me.

Why is that I wonder?…  Say your feeling sad. Then you listen to a ‘sad‘ song when feeling a bit low && it might even make you feel a little bit more sad,  yet extremely comforted. That’s how it is for me anyway. 

I think for me, it’s because each song brings me directly back to those tough times and I see how I moved on from them, and I like to think of all the good times I had at that said time or with said person. It’s a bit like a bittersweet feeling.

I love the beauty of music. It brings me such peace. It can make me feel every single emotion in an instant.

I have a varied taste. Literally. I like to listen to a lot of Bon Iver, Foy Vance, Pitbull, Sean Paul, Paul Brady, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyonce, SIA, Matt Corby, Thin Lizzy, Nicki Minaj, Kany West, Taylor Swift, Kodaline, Fleetwood Mac, Olly Murs, Ice Cube, NWA, Eminem, Johnny Cash, Rihanna, Micheal Jackson, Christine & The Queens, Disclosure, Little Mix and much much more.

Now, I myself, I can’t play any instrument, I tried keyboard when younger, but never stuck with it, I tried guitar, and it tested my teenage temper mental patience, and basically all I do? Is sing along to music. All of the time. I listen too music non stop though. If I’m home? I’ll have the radio on. Or I’ll have Spotify on my computer, if I’m walking anywhere? The headphones are in. The only time I’m not listening to music? Is when I am out in nature or at the beach listening to the sounds there.

3 Song’s I’m listening to most at this moment are : 

  • Bon Iver – Heavenly Father (Acapella/Live)

  • Foy Vance – Be The Song

  • Matt Corby – Resolution

What are yours?