What’s In My Stack Of CD’s?

I bought a lot of albums/singles growing up and I have lost a lot along the way, as I have been moved a good few times, but in this video? I dive into what CD’S I have left. They are very pop orientated as there from years ago and funny to look back on.

My music taste now? Is vast I like a lot of music. I ain’t bought no hard copy albums in a couple of years, due to the fact there are no CD shops around me, but… making this video? Has got me wanting to visit amazon.com to put in an order….

I listen to a lot of my music on Spotify now. But I still listen to some of my old CD’s, as I use my radio/CD player quite a lot. But I miss, truly miss going CD shopping. It was always so fun to me! A great memory of my childhood! My music taste has varied a LOT of the last…6/7 years? I listen to a wide range of music now, but what I show you in this video? Is just what CD’S I do have left. I found this fun so I hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

P.S – I remember when I was younger. I think the first singles I bought was The Ketchup song by ‘ Las Ketchup’ & There’s A Whole Lotta Lovin by Irish Pop group ‘Six’. I believe the first album I bought was an S Club 7 album. What were the first CD’S you bought?