He/She Loves Herself. . .Psshh.

That fella…he loves himself.

Yer wan…she loves herself.

When you hear someone say ‘he/she loves themselves‘ it tends to be said in a ‘dare I say’...*negative tone* more often than not. Don’t you think?! … It is in my opinion anyway. I’m not saying my opinion matters either. This is my blog though. That’s why I write this sheeit.

Why is that? Why is ‘Loving Yourself’ sometimes seen as a negative thing?


First off, regarding social media. You see many people posting selfie’s of themselves, their bodies they’ve worked on, or their bodies their beginning to work on, or their new outfit, new hairstyle, just a general picture of themselves, that they like. So they share it, as it makes them feel good about themselves. I think? That’s a great thing. . . Yet. It’s often you’ll hear ‘he/she loves themselves ‘ said in a negative tone. No need, I say. Go you! If your happy in yourself? Share that shizz if you wan’t too. Share it all over the place!

Is it a jealousy thing? Is it a pessimistic thing? Is it a hateful thing?!

Is it that one can never imagine loving themselves, because they weren’t brought up in a home where that was taught? Is it that one feels they don’t deserve to love themselves? Don’t deserve to be happy?

Yeah, you can love yourself and be lovely towards people, and you can love yourself and be horrible towards people. But loving yourself? Doesn’t influence that. At all. That person’s general attitude? Is what makes them that way. Not whether they love themselves or not. Again, my opinion.

Many of us, unfortunately, don’t like/love ourselves, whether it be how you look, how you think, how you feel, how you work, how you socialize, how you feel you can’t be yourself because what if someone disapproves and you disappoint, how you feel you’ve changed as a person yet can’t act that way as people expect you to act a certain way, how you even breath sometimes can bug ones self. Crazy haw. You are the one person your ever going to be forever and well, it would be nice to like who you are right? To be comfortable &&not give a flying pig what anyone else thinks. Those who do love themselves? Go you! Share you’re stories with the world and keep being you!


Some people truly don’t like who they are at all. That? Is unfortunate && makes me sad. It’s very possible though. Self confidence can be very tricky. It’s hard to create it, if you’ve never experienced it. Iv’e come a long long way in the last 3/4 years. If you asked me 7/8 years ago, ‘Do you ever think you’ll like/love who you are?‘ Straight up. I don’t believe I would have said yes, as my attitude was just a pile of poo, ‘everything was sh*t’. Now? I can name many things I like about myself. That, feels preeeetty dang good.

I mean I get it. You may not want to hang out with people who are truly self-absorbed and think there ‘class‘ and everyone is beneath them and don’t care about anyone else at all, but you also may not want to hang out with people who are constantly looking down on everything and dismiss everything, never think anything good about themselves no matter how many times you tell them. That’s part of life too, support your friends & family no matter what and try help others grow confidence in the things they enjoy and in who they are. Don’t bring them down or diss what they enjoy or what their trying to do.

Loving yourself, liking who you are, is something we should all try to do. Why do I think that?

Well. If you don’t like who you are, who the hell else will like you?