Alanna’s Lifestyle Update | Week 6

This week’s Lifestyle Video wasn’t result wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for

Each week for these video’s? I like to make little small goals for myself to reach by the next week, then I record a little video about that for my ‘Lifestyle Series. I also pop a little ‘video within a video‘ in there, but this week? I failed to reach any of those goals I set in le’previous video’s.

My back was in bits this week, pains, stiffness, muscles pains, which caused my mood to drop a little due to frustration and feeling totally out of control of my own body, it makes me feel a bit lost. I’m usually quite the positive soul who stays upbeat no matter what, honestly, I really do try see the good side to everything. Sometimes I think maybe I do that too much that I possibly annoy people?? I no no.

The pains this week, took a toll on me though. Both physically & mentally. I know the severe pains will lighten up soon and I’ll be able to manage them again in a few days. These flare up’s happen now & then with Fybromyalgia and Chronic Pain. But they pass, and as I was saying, I can go back to be being able to try my best to manage my pains and know what my limits are again then. Tis a learning experience this life craic.

Hopefully for the next video on Sunday? All will be much better. Here’s hoping anyway πŸ™‚
Have a great week! πŸ™‚

Banana x