My 5 Favorite Songs Right Now | February 2017


I saw these guys perform live just over a week ago, and I really took a liking to a lot of their songs, ones that I had never heard before. It’s great to find a band or artist you haven’t really listened to before? And become a fan of their music straight away. This song in particular? Stood out to me, and I have found it really relaxing and therapeutic to listen to over the last week or so as I wasn’t feeling the besht. I currently have their CD as my background music in le’sitting room, as we are a TV less household. Music is great therapy for me when not feeling myself, it wonderfully and magically, makes me feel more myself.


I’ve followed this guy on YouTube for a small while. He puts up funky covers of song’s on his own channel, he’s really talented, he does a cool version of ‘Drake – One Dance’ actually, you can listen to that in the following link : Now he has his own song && music video, which is pretty cool. My favorite dancer ‘Jade Chynoweth‘ is in this music video also, she’s literally such an all round amazing dancer. It’s a fun song to listen to dancing around my room, or out on a walk, or just whenever I wish to dance a bit really.


I first heard this song through their live performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Chat Show and I thought there was a really funky beat to the song, I couldn’t help but bop along too it straight away. It’s an uplifting song, even though I think the song lyrics are a bit bittersweet personally. I think everyone can relate too them in one sense or another. Whatever you’ve been through in life? I think you could relate that, to the lyrics in this song. It kind of makes you feel like if you have faith? Thing’s, whatever it is your going through? Can always get better.


The first song I heard by Stephanie Rainey was her song called ‘Please Don’t Go‘ which is what’s linked up above, it gave me shivers and made me shed a good few tears the first time I heard it, it’s really, truly beautiful. I didn’t realize that, until I had to wipe them away. Her voice is very distinctive that I find her really soothing and easy to listen too, plus it’s a very powerful meaningful song. Her new song is called ‘100 Like Me‘ which is linked here :  I keep singing along too it when out & about on my bike. Maybe I look a bit mad? Maybe I don’t? But sure. Mad is good right?


My friend played me music by The Staves, and that’s how I first heard of them. The Staves are three sisters who sing together and their voices are really beautiful. I have not set aside the time to listen to a lot of music by them, yet. I will. I look forward to that. I think this, their cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire‘ is gorgeous and so easy to listen too, I find it very peaceful so listen too it late at night. Their voices harmonize so well together. I also get to see them perform live this year with Bon Iver. That gig? Is what I’m most looking forward too regarding the year that is 2017.

So that’s it. There My 5 Favorite Song’s right now.

If you haven’t heard any of those song’s? And you do listen to any of them because you visited this post? I do hope that you thoroughly enjoy them. I always go through phases where I’ll listen too a few certain songs for week’s, then … it switches up again. I literally listen to music/song’s depending on how I am feeling. Listening to music? Helps me to relax, unwind, helps me breath a bit better, if that makes any sense?!

Have a good day. If you have any song suggestions you think I’d like? Let me know!

Banana x