My 5 Favourite Lady Gaga Song’s

Lady Gaga

I think her music is fun & expressive && from all the live performance video’s (many many video’s) of hers that I have watched? I believe she gives her all in her energetic heartfelt live performances. I’m in awe when I watch. I love her style (fashion/music wise) and think she is a beautiful person. I hope one day, I get to see her perform live. I think with her music? You can interpret her lyrics in your own way, even if it’s something different to what she may have been feeling when she was writing the songs. The beauty of music. Some of the lyrics are fun too, which I love. I adore her music video’s, they tell a story.

The ‘Born This Way‘ album is an album Iv’e listened too countless times and was by far my favorite Lady Gaga album… up until recently. I now prefer her latest album ‘Joanne‘? I enjoy the funky/folk/rocky genre and it’s more the style of music I personally enjoy listening too, right now. That always changes with me!

This was tough to narrow down to 5 song’s, I like a lot more by her, Bad Romance, Telephone, Judas, Applause, Beautiful Dirty Rich & more. I also quite like ‘John Wayne‘, ‘Dancin in Circles‘ & ‘Diamond Heart‘ from her latest album ‘Joanne‘.

I chose the 5 that I would listen to the most by her…. I think…

This song is one you can relate too in your own way if you’ve experience heartbreak in any sense. It’s a heartfelt strong song, sang with raw emotion I believe. I won’t lie, the first few times I heard this song? I cried, and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

The lyrics I personally relate too? Are “Head stuck in a cycle, I look off and I stare, It’s like that I’ve stopped breathing, but completely aware” I feel like that more often than not. This song helped me through a tough time recently. It makes me feel that ‘happy/sad’ feeling? When you look back at a certain time that made you really truly happy, like you never thought you could feel again, like you were on top of the world, you had someone you felt truly understood you, but now that’s over? That, of course, makes you sad. Therefore you feel both happy/sad, at the same time. Bittersweet. Does that make sense? … Tis a beautiful song lads.


The rhythm of ‘Alejandro’ is my favorite thing is about this song. Iv’e never gotten ‘sick of it‘. You know, when you love a song and you play it over & over, and eventually? You end up not liking a song you once loved. With this song? I love it as much as I always have.

This was from ‘The Fame Monster” album from 2009, which also had the songs Bad Romance, Monster, Poker Face, Paparazzi. I remember when I first saw the video? I was 16, young and I personally was very easily influenced by music/style etc && I honestly thought to myself… ‘this is a bit weird, a bit odd, a bit strange‘ then … after I watched it a few times, I thought ‘this is cool, this is different, authentic and I freaking love this ‘weird’ video’


CHOON. CHOON. CHOON. This song will always remind me of my very happy time in New York with family in October/November 2016. I remember singing along too it in the car with one of my cousins, literally at the time the album ‘Joanne‘ was released. It’s catchy and rhythmic, a bit ‘folky’ I guess? I think? So fun to dance too. A song I can fully dance ‘Alanna’ along too.

I now associate that song with my wonderful time in New York. Many song’s bring me back to a certain time/place/memory, and I love that. Just so happens this song bring’s me back to a very happy memory of mine with my family.


‘Born This Way’, was a song that honestly helped me through one of the two toughest times in my life. At a certain time in my life? When I was really struggling with body image && an eating disorder in my late teens, I felt I was pointless, that no one would notice if I disappeared, I wanted to hurt myself, I wanted the throbbing & painful thoughts in my mind to just… stop. My head was full of noise. I was struggling with many many things in my head in my late teens, and when I look back at that time? I can easily see that listening to music, especially this song, is one thing that really helped 17/18 year old me, even though at the time? I don’t think I quite realized that.

The lyrics in this song? Made me feel like I am who I am? Is OK. It’s a song that’s there to let you know that who you are? What you believe in? What you are all about? Is OK. That’s what makes you, who you are. And dang, that’s a good thing!


Fun Fun Fun. I find this song so fun and full of energy. I can put this song on in my room full blast and just lose myself in it dancing around my room. It’s a song that makes me feel super happy, also from the ‘Born This Way’ album.

I have a vivid image of me dancing around my sitting room at the age of 16 with this song on full blast when my dad was gone out, and I literally was just just like giving it socks, pretending I was on my own stage singing and dancing around the room, and I remember I felt so silly, yet so happy, but mostly? Carefree. Listening to music that makes you feel carefee? Is a great feeling.


What is it about Lady Gaga I like the most?!I think it’s that she inspires me to just be myself. I think sometimes we can fear being 100% ourselves, for one reason or another.