Alanna’s Lifestyle Update | Week 12

What I speak about in this video was inspired by a friend. I said to him. ‘I’m just not arsed to make my weekly video this week, Iv’e no motivation’ to which he responded ‘Why not make a video about motivation then?’ I followed through and here we are. It’s great to have friends that know you well & can see things you can’t, to help you out.

I speak about my lil goals & hopes I had for this week and how they went. One had little motivation this week to be honest, do you ever get that way? When you just aren’t arsed to do the things you know are good for you?! It happens to most of us now & then…I think anyway. It’s good to reflect on those days and figure out what things do make you motivated and happy, even content, in your life. I speak about what I hope for next week’s ‘Lifestyle Update Week 13’. This is the first week my video doesn’t have a ‘Video Within A Video’. Hopefully the first & last!

All of these video’s? Are a way to help me, myself, to hopefully live an all-round happier life, a way to make sure I do things that make me happy & productive every week. I hope people enjoy these videos and hopefully, they may even inspire people to think of thing’s they’d like to do for themselves in the hopes of making them, a little bit happier too.

Thank you for watching, have a great week and remember, do things and make things, that make you happy! Have a great week.

Alanna x


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See you next week! Maybe. K bye