Alanna’s Lifstyle Update | Week 13

What I speak about in this video is my lil goals & hopes I had for this week and how they went, but mainly it focuses on me trying to get my general daily diet in check, in regards to cutting down on sugar and eating more of what’s good for me and less of what’s … not so good for me. Without of course, restricting myself from what I love – sweets & chocolate, because I enjoy those thing’s! I just don’t want to eat as much of it everyday as I do at the moment, as it’s not making me feel good, and it won’t do my body any good in many aspects in the long run. By daily diet also – I don’t mean I am ‘on a diet’, I mean my ‘daily diet’ – what I eat everyday in general ๐Ÿ™‚

My ‘Video Within A Video’ for this week is what I bought in my food shop for the week! ๐Ÿ™‚

All of these videoโ€™s? Are a way to help me, myself, to hopefully live an all-round happier life, a way to make sure I do things that make me happy & productive every week. I hope people enjoy these videos and hopefully, they may even inspire people to think of thingโ€™s theyโ€™d like to do for themselves in the hopes of making them, a little bit happier too.

Thank you for watching, have a great week and remember, do things and make things, that make you happy! Have a great week.
Alanna x

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See you next week! Maybe. K bye