Diggin Days | Daily Vlog Challenge – Day 5

I’m trying a challenge this week. To upload a daily vlog for a week! I have no idea will I be able to do so. But..that’s why it’s a challenge.

I’m surprised at myself for making 5 in a row. Will there be a sixth?
Who knows?

But five is better than none right?

I spoke in this video about how having fybromyalgia and chronic pain? Is something that makes me sometimes, sometimes worry about whether people believe I am in pain. You can’t particularly ‘see’ anything physically ‘wrong’/’different’ with someone when they have fybromyalgia & chronic pain, but I feel pain, constantly, but I put on a smile and go about life as usual as best as I can as that’s the only option I wish to take. Of course, without a doubt some days are way way harder than others. We all experience that regarding many aspects of life daily.

If you are reading this? Be kind to yourself, and have a good day!

Banana x