Alanna’s Lifestyle Update | Week 14

So I haven’t uploaded a new video in this section in the last, month I believe? Because I have been lazy, unmotivated, again – lazy, unfocused, feeling a bit like ‘WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!’ which – usually I’m OK with, as thing’s have a bizarre way of working themselves out, but.. the last few weeks, I guess I had a different response regarding the unknown future, it made me over think and fear many ‘what if’s?’

So, I’m trying to re programme my way thinking about that, so that I’ll be back to understanding that – no one in the world know’s what lies ahead in their life, we’re all just taking one day at a time and that’s all we can do.

This video was just a bit of an aul kick start for myself to get back to making these video’s. And hopefully the next few will have me including some more vidyoooo’s!

All of these video’s? Are a way to help me, myself, to hopefully live an all-round happier life, a way to make sure I do things that make me happy & productive every week. I hope people enjoy these videos and hopefully, they may even inspire people to think of thing’s they’d like to do for themselves in the hopes of making them, a little bit happier too.

Thank you for watching, have a great week and remember, do things and make things, that make you happy! Have a great week.
Alanna x